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The Awards Program annually awards members for outstanding service to the profession. This program provides  awards for distinguished service and accomplishments. It is our intent that all members will share in their achievements by nominating agencies, colleagues or individuals for an award. Each award category is listed below. We encourage you to get download your applications today!

Submissions are closed 

Category Descriptions:


Category I: Best Annual Report:

Annual Report of a Housing Authority or Community Development Agency describing activities, financial reports, and other items of interest to its recipients.  Submissions will be judged on format for creativity and information provided in the report.


Category II: Best Newsletter:

Self-Explanatory. Newsletter is directed to Residents, Participants or to the Community.


Category III: Other Agency Publications:

Educational or public relations publications directed to tenants, the general public or target groups, such as tenant handbooks, brochures, supplements, special newspaper sections, as well as videos and audio tapes produced and used for clients or community.

(Categories I, II, III) Please securely attach the materials submitted for the application, including information concerning cost and distribution of annual reports and other publications, frequency of newsletters, etc. 

Category IV: Meritorious/Special Achievement:

Meritorious single or cumulative accomplishment(s) by an Employee of a Housing or CD Agency (intended primarily for an employee below the management level, this category seeks to recognize out-of-the-ordinary individual ‘one-time’ accomplishments in maintenance, operations, the provision of special services, or heroism). 

This award can also be provided for meritorious accomplishments to:

  • A program participant for individual effort for which improved or preserved the living conditions or lives of others.

  • A participant or individual who has successfully completed a Family Self-Sufficiency program.

  • A housing agency, community development department/agency, or other public agency (this award seeks to honor departments for specific accomplishments or contributions to housing and community development).

  • A Public Official (elected or appointed, local, area, state or federal) not directly involved in the administration of housing and community development programs whose individual efforts have benefited our programs and citizens which they serve.

  • A law enforcement official for contributions to the security and improvement of conditions for public housing, rental assistance, or community development program clients. 

  • An individual, entity, or association who or which is not employed by or does not administer housing or community development programs.

Category V: Media Recognition:

This category recognizes features or series in print and broadcast media providing coverage of housing or community development issues, local, regional, or national.  Entries may be digital or hard copies.

(Categories IV & V) Media nominated should be identified by name, the city in which it is published or from which it broadcasts, and with the name of the individual responsible for the coverage where possible. Please attach or enclose descriptive information, clippings, tapes, etc., which support your nomination.

Category VI: Commissioner Service Award:

Intended for an individual who serves or has served as a commissioner or advisory/governing board member and who has demonstrated commitment, dedication and constructive service to the agency, community, individuals served by the agency, the local area, and to Kansas NAHRO.  Submissions must include a simple, narrative description of the activities and accomplishments.

Category VII: Extra Mile Award:

Intended to recognize an individual whose efforts and contribution (single, specific or on-going) to the Kansas Chapter of NAHRO have improved or benefited fellow members and/or the public. Submissions must include a narrative description of accomplishments and/or contributions.

Category VIII: The “Horse’s Aft” Traveling Trophy:

This award will be presented annually to an individual or group who recently has committed (or been the victim of) a blunder, miscue, or series of blunders or miscues related to our professions and programs.  Nominations (brief, informal and SECRET) recounting the incident(s) must be sent.  

Category IX: Nadine Burch Award (Member of the Year):

This prestigious award is given to an individual who has shown exceptional leadership, advocacy, volunteerism, and dedication to our organization and the programs we serve. This person has made exceptional contributions through their participation and service in NAHRO. Nominees must be a member of Kansas NAHRO, or an employee or commissioner of a member agency. The recipient of this award is designated as Member of the Year and will be recognized at the Southwest NAHRO Conference.

(Categories VI, VII, VIII, IX) Please attach or enclose simple, narrative description and/or other information, which supports your nomination.

Category X: Meritorious Achievement Award in Maintenance

This award will recognize a person within an agency Maintenance Department who has gone beyond the “call of duty”, puts forth 200% effort without expecting anything in return, is always there to do what needs to be done no matter what the task may be, and goes beyond the job requirements. KS NAHRO recognizes the maintenance department provides such a service that they all deserve to be recognized for the job that they do.  They are a vital part of the agency.    

(Category X) Please attach or enclose simple, narrative description and/or other information, which supports your nomination. Required:  Applicant must be an active KS NAHRO Member. The entry must contain a full description narrative of the nominee including his or her position and title, length of service with the agency and the name of the agency he/she works at. Specifically, please describe significant ways in which your nominee has gone beyond the call of duty to: 

  • Improve your agencies properties - Increase the quality of life for residents

  • Has exhibited a vested interest in budget concerns by finding innovative ways to reduce costs without decreasing services, or

  • Has made great strides in the areas of property maintenance) 

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